Let's talk about privacy

At UNI Cosmetics, we believe in making things easy for our customers. We know there’s nothing more off-putting than the sight of a lot of boring small print, so we’ve written our Privacy Policy to make it clear, simple and easy to read.
The policy explains how UNI Cosmetics uses your personal data, when you register and buy in our webpage at: uni-cosmetics.com.

What's changed?
European Data Protection law changed on 25 May 2018. In addition, the Law on Protection to Personal Data of the Republic of Kosovo, which contains all the provision that the aforementioned European law, is the basic legislation from which this Privacy Policy is grounded. Like all organizations that use your personal information, Boots have to provide more information about the purposes for which we use your personal data, the rights you have over it and what that means in practice. So we’ve taken this opportunity to update our Privacy Policy. Don’t worry - the way we use your data hasn’t changed, and we still give it the same level of care and protection. We hope we’ve explained it clearly and simply, but it you want to find out in more detail about the new data protection regulation, please check the Republic of Kosovo legislation:Law on Protection to Personal Data and that of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation).
Our promise to you
Weare committed to protecting your privacy. We believe in using your personal information to make things simpler and better for you. We’ll always keep your personal information safe and will never sell it to third parties. We’ll be clear and open with you about why we collect your personal information and how we use it. Where you have choices or rights, we’ll explain them to you and respect your wishes. We’ve written this Privacy Policy in plain English and Albanian without the complicated legal terminology to tell you how and why we use your personal information. We hope you’ll find it clear and simple but if you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact us at info@uni-cosmetics.com.

Who's in control of your information?
You are. Throughout this Privacy Policy, ‘we (uni-cosmetics.com)’ or ‘UNI Cosmetics’ means all our affiliates. We may share your personal information among these companies in order to provide, and keep you informed about our products and services, to handle any complaints or queries, and to give you the best customer service we possibly can. However, we never lose sight of the fact that it is your personal information and we will only send you marketing material if you have agreed that we can do so.
Collecting information about you
​Information we get from you
UNI Cosmetics collects personal information about you whenever you shop with us online or instore, and when you use our services. Please see below an example of the data we collect from you:
Name, address, contact details, browsing history (including any adverts you may click on), purchases, and information about any devices you may use to access our services.
Information we collect online: Cookies
A 'cookie' is a file in your web browser that enables us to recognize your computer when you visit uni-cosmetics.com and makes using our site quicker and easier (e.g. login fields may be pre-filled with your email address). Cookies are also essential to the functioning of certain parts of the site and we use them to collect information about how the site is used, such as how many people visit and return and what products are being viewed. We also use ‘Pixels’, or ‘Transparent GIF files’, to help manage our online advertising.This in turn helps us learn which advertisements are most effective at bringing users to our website. The information collected in this way is anonymous, and doesn’t contain any information that identifies you personally. For independent information about Cookies, click here.
How we use Cookies
The boots.com website uses Cookies in the following ways:
Making our website work:
These Cookies are essential so that you can move around the site and log in to the secure areas. Without them you’d be unable to shop on the website or access your account.
Monitoring and improving the performance of the website:
These Cookies collect information about how visitors use the uni-cosmetics.com site, e.g. which pages they visit most often and whether they see error messages. The information is aggregated so it doesn’t identify individuals, and we use it only to help us improve the way the website works.
Enabling the features of the website:
These Cookies allow our website to remember choices you have made, such as your user name or the region you’re in, and help us provide you with a better, more personal experience. For example, they may allow you to watch a video clip, comment on a blog or add a product review.
Personalising your uni-cosmetics.com experience:
These cookies enable us to give you a more personalised experience when you visit our site, by recognising you and remembering any preferences or choices you’ve made on previous visits to the site. We may link these cookies to other information we hold about you (such as UNI Cosmetics Card) and use this to provide you with more relevant content and offers. The cookies also enable us to provide you with more personalised content and offers through our other communication channels. These include our stores, post, email, website, app, social, and online media.
Marketing and advertising:
These Cookies are used to deliver adverts that are more relevant to you, as well as to limit the number of times you see a particular advertisement and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. The Cookies remember that you have visited a website and this information may then be shared with other organisations for advertising purposes. They're also used to enable price-comparison sites to work and to improve website performance.
In order to link your online activity with your instore purchases, we may match customer information tied to our in-store transaction data, with data collected online, for example by matching on email address or UNI Cosmetics Cardnumber. Examples of the companies with whom we undertake this type of analysis include Google and Facebook. The information collected is used to improve the effectiveness of our advertising activity, and to personalise the content and messages that we send to you.
What are 'Flash Cookies' (or 'local shared objects')?
uni-cosmetics.com uses Adobe Flash Player to deliver video content and interactive product images. Flash Cookies are stored on your device in a similar way to other types of Cookies, but they're managed differently by your browser. If you wish to disable or delete Flash Cookies, you can do this through Adobe Flash Player security settings, but please note that you may then be unable to view certain types of information and content on the uni-cosmetics.com website.