UNI – the most prestigious center of beauty products and equipment, was founded on the 20th of March, 2013. From the day of its establishment, it has stood beside its customers, offering the most well-known global brands with the cheapest prices and excellent quality. Today you can find all the products with the most feasible prices in the market, which are certified according to the very best European quality standards, such as: colors/polishes and other professional products for hair; mirrors, hair chairs, hair salon shampoo chairs, hair dryers, trolleys, dryers, combs, scissors, brushes, 100% natural tests hair extensions, make-up products, nail products, perfumes, body products, and many others.

The success of UNI is attributed to the unlimited passion, which is dedicated to the clients. For UNI, the history continues to each of the client which is satisfied with our products and services.

The staff, the atmosphere and the considerable investments regarding the products were made to focus attention on the clients.

 UNI in the beginning started to operate with only one retail shop. With the professional staff, the large number of customers; the big amount of requests made by them as well as the assistance from our partners, yielded in increasing the number of retail shops.

The philosophy of expansion of UNI is based solely on standing always beside the clients and also being creative in fulfilling their needs. According to this philosophy, UNI plans to forge other innovations in expanding its operations by increasing the number of retail shops.

.…and each of our clients is part of our history and success!


• We seek to be the best partners for the clients
• Always committed to innovation and new products
• To be a professional team motivated to work hard
•To fully cover the cosmetics market with the most quality products as well as the most feasible prices from well-known global brands.

Apart from providing the transport service of productsthroughout the territory of Kosovo, for the first time in the history of cosmetics’ market in the Balkans region, from 28th of February, 2017 wehave launched our newest service – WORLDWIDE SHIPPING, in order to stand besideour clients as much as possible. In addition, we are the first company from the limited liability companies that has enabled our clients to make their payments with banking cards – ONLINE. 

Besides, throughout this period, our company has achieved to furnish with products various international organizations that operate in Kosovo including public institutions, such as:

• HELP Kosova
• Caritas Luxembourg 
• Foundation Kosovo Luxembourg 
• VHS DVV International 
• TV 21 
• TV Klan Kosova
• TV Kohavision
• Municipality of Prishtina 
• Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare