While ordering or purchasing through UNI, you agree with the terms of conditions below. Please read them carefully to get informed about the rules that you should stick to. UNI possesses the right for changing these terms of conditions, without any notification.

When you visit the UNI website, we communicate with you through electronic means. By agreeing to terms of use, you accept that you are communicating through electronic means. Our communication with you will be done through e-mails or notifications which will be posted in our webpage.

We pledge to protect the privacy of our clients. We only gather information that is deemed necessary for business purposes, which are fully in line with professional business practices. All the information that is available in our webpage is to be used only for communication and promotion purposes. We give the clients the options to choose whether they want to be cleared from our customers list that is used for promotional campaigns.
All of the users’ and customers’ data will remain strictly confidential.

The content disclosed in this page – projection elements (button icons etc.), texts, photos, logos, audio/video and programs – are a property of UNI or its distributors and cannot be used without a prior written notification from UNI. If you prove to us that any content in our webpage is your property, or it is abused for any reason, please contact us in order to create the intellectual property.
All the information that is available in our webpage is used only for communication purpose and cannot be used for commercial use or be delivered to the third parties.

If you buy ONLINE at UNI, you are responsible for preserving the confidentiality of your account and password that you have received from us when you registered in this webpage. When you use our webpage, you will be responsible for all activities related to your account.
The minors can use our webpage only under the parent or a supervisor control. UNI reserves the right to refuse a service or to cancel an order if it considers that the terms of use were violated.
Your data that you have provided while registering at UNI will be used for commercial use and development of commercial contacts and will not be used for different means other those nor will they be delivered to the third parties.

UNI does not guarantee that the data linked to products are 100% accurate, credible and without typos. Please take into account that a certain product may not be available in our stock although its status in the webpage has the status “in stock”. In those cases, UNI will take the responsibility of refunding.
If you have purchase a product that does not correspond with the description listed in our website, you can turn it back (without use) within the 24h after you have received the product, including the documents and invoice whereby you can get another products that has the same financial value.

All the prices of products lists are VAT included. UNI is obliged to accept any price which you have bought a product even if the price of that product has changed in the meantime. UNI reserves the right to cancel the order and to send a notification to clients e-mails, if a mistake was made following the prices of the products in the webpage, like for instance, instead of €1000, €100 was presented or if the price of certain product is zero (0) then UNI deserves the right to cancel that order.

UNI receives orders from Monday – Saturday, (09:00 – 20:00).

UNI reserved the right in any time, without any notice, to modify the data on our webpage. The UNI visitors have the right, unilaterally, to modify the terms of use or any other potential modification is null, notwithstanding cases when both parties agree otherwise.

The minimal value of the order must be 0.50€.


• For the shipment of orders outside Kosovo, after receiving it, will be delivered in 1 to 3 business days with DHL or with Kosovo Post Office, depending on the request.
• The shipment of orders will be done within 24h and FREE OF CHARGE for all items that are above €9.99. For each purchase under this value, the transportation will be charged plus €2.49
• The shipment of orders outside Kosovo will arrive to the requested destination from 24 to 48 business hours if you request that shipping be made with DHL.
• The shipment of orders outside Kosovo will arrive to the requested destination within 7 to 30 business days if you request that shipping be made with Kosovo Post Office.
• Please note that for shipments of orders outside the territory of Kosovo, the purchase of products have to be made prior to shipment.
• For shipments outside Kosovo, which weigh bigger than 30kg, please contact us by email:, because it is possible that we will provide you with a more feasible price other than those listed on the webpage.
• We will not take any responsibility if in case you have provided us with wrong destination address and as a result the product has not arrived to the requested destination.
• We will not take any responsibility if in case the shipment will delay as a result of your country’ border check.
• Please note that it is your obligation, if your country’s customs imposes tax for the ordered products.
• If for any different specific reason, your state/country customs halts the shipment of orders, then it is the sole responsibility of the buyer to proceed with the shipment payment and to organize the shipment from the customs point to the requested order address.
• Please confirm the address after you have selected the product.
• The money will be refunded if the order is not executed.
• The money will be fully or partially refunded if a product does not arrive at the requested destination.
• The location of product: Pristina, Republic of Kosovo.

If any of the articles in this contract in the future is not applicable, unlawful or cannot be implemented, this article will not be applicable. Of course, all other articles of this contract will be applicable. No any article of this contract is depended to other articles, only if it stipulated otherwise.

UNI does not take any responsibility for being unable to fulfill its obligations according to the contract if challenged by extraordinary circumstances. Extraordinary circumstance is considered: war (declared or not), riots, sabotage, natural disasters, earthquakes, explosions, fire, trade embargo, strikes, poor atmospheric conditions, and any other circumstance that is not under the justified control of UNI.
Notwithstanding the extraordinary circumstance, UNI will do anything in its power to fulfill as best as possible its requirements that derive from this contract.